We help children who are physically and emotionally abused, socially excluded, whose families today cannot provide them with a decent livelihood.
We help children
who are physically
and emotionally
abused, socially
excluded, whose
families today
cannot provide
them with a
decent livelihood
About us
The most vulnerable link of society is children. Our future will not be better than our children are

AgapeBonum was founded in 2021. Its purpose is to help children and young people from dysfunctional families who live physically and emotionally abused and are experiencing social exclusion. There are many such children in Lithuania today. Our goal is to help change the attitude of children and young people towards themselves and life on the basis of the traditional values showing love, respect, compassion and responding to their most important needs. Many of them lack the elementary household items that every child needs. Many of them do not have an emotionally and physically safe environment to live in. The purpose of the AgapeBonum is to respond to these needs of children.

We cooperate with the municipalities of Vilnius, Varėna, Nemenčinė, Anykščiai districts.

Founder of AgapeBonum Gitana Michnevičienė

Fight for life
Support for medicines for this type of cancer badly needed today

Jurgita is a wonderful, warm, creative, young woman who loves life and shares her joy with others. She had a ten-year-old oncological disease (triple-negative breast cancer with a BRCA1 mutation) that had come back for the fourth time.

Since 2012 In the ongoing fight against the disease: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy have already been performed. Mastectomy was performed and dendritic cell vaccination was applied, which was treated in Germany by photodynamic therapy.

In 2020 December disease progression has been identified, and six types of chemotherapy have been used and tested to date. Unfortunately, chemical treatment has not produced the expected results - the disease continues to progress.

However, there are modern medicines for this type of cancer. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and are not reimbursed. The price of one cycle reaches up to 10 thousand. Eur and how many such cycles will be needed is not known. Jurgita does not have such money today and cannot earn money due to illness

Medications Jurgits are the hope of living. Support is badly needed today

Jurgita sincerely volunteers at AgapeBonum, visiting socially abandoned children.

We have completed the projects
    Living House Project
    Project "Living House" for the organization "New Arch" (Anykščiai district.,Troškūnai).
    In the former store warehouse we installed premises where social activities are now taking place. Now here children and adolescents from socially neglected families spend time after school, they are purposefully interacted. There are also classes for adults on Thursday nights. Both children and adults are fed here. They are taken care of from Monday to Saturday by Eglė and Aurimas Grigaliūnai.
    (below you can see photos of the repair of the premises of the Living House and what it looks like now)
    Emotional helpline
    +370 66100539

    If you need help if you seem to be
    in a desperate situation, call.
    You don't have to carry all the burdens alone.
    We are here to help you

    Help to provide children's need
    Thank you to the partners without whom this work would not be possible

    CIVINITY Solutions
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    Šarūnui Kalnynui
    Loretai Galdikaitei
    Gintarei Aukselienei
    Sergėjui Škamerdai
    Gitana Michnevičienė, Founder of  AgapeBonum 
    Mission, Vision and Values
    Filantropic organization, which stresses the value of a man on the basis of Christian values and provides the necessary material assistance
    The mission is to establish a safe space in which both a person and a family can count on comprehensive help: spiritual, emotional and, as far as possible, material.

    The vission is to become a philanthropic organization that develops human self-esteem with the help of Christian values and principles; to help families and individuals who are disadvantaged and facing other problems; to carry out educational activities among young people, helping to understand themselves and find a place in life.

    We all live in society, we are not separated from each other, but we inevitably depend on each other. Therefore, the relationship to the other, whether we like it or not, determines the quality of life of all of us. Based on the long traditions of human society, we choose to "love our neighbor as ourselves" in our value. The Bible describes love in many words, one of which is agape, whose original meaning is "to cherish, to be considered a value. " Therefore, we choose to value others, to consider them valuable.

    By acting purposefully towards the goal, we base our activities on standards of respect for the other, i.e. we communicate without demeaning the self-esteem of the other, even if we do not agree with everything. We believe that it is possible to have personal space, different points of view and opinions, but to appreciate each other and cooperate successfully.

    We avoid the "feeder" policy of relations, manipulations. We believe that openness is an expression of trust, and without it fruitful cooperation is not possible. If we have not informed our partner of what is unacceptable to us, we have no right to be angry when he does so. Relationships must take place in the light. Therefore, we do not tolerate lies and manipulations towards ourselves.

    We try to understand the person, to hear him. During the open dialogue, we understand how we can help him (to whom to give fish and what to teach to catch fish) and make maximum efforts to satisfy individual needs.

    Reports and documents

    The activities of the fund are documented

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